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Note: We realize that some associations coordinate both boys and girls programs while some associations only coordinate one gender. Please keep that in mind when selecting which association you are representing.


Person Completing Registration

Association Admin rights should be granted to the following individual(s)


Best Practices

Player Documentation:

Collect documentation that proves what grade each athlete is in and also what school they attend.

Background Checks:

All coaches and administrative personnel must pass a background check within the last three years.

Concussion Certification:

Per Minnesota State Law, all coaches and administrators must complete an accredited concussion course that needs to be renewed every three years.

Child Abuse Training:

Coaches are in compliance with Safe Sport mandates (federal law).

Tryout Process:

Associations must have an open try‐out process for players.

Coach Selection:

Associations must have an open application process for coaching candidates.

Coaches Education:

Associations must provide a coaches education program each year.

Organizational Standards:

The MYAS recognizes organizations that promote and implement programs for multiple age/grade levels. We do not recognize single teams formulated by any individual(s) not affiliated with, or recognized by a recognized organization, as described above or a bona fide association. The sponsoring organization must be of perpetual nature (i.e. intend to be in existence from year to year). The sponsoring organization must have a democratic posture, meaning that the administrative structure of the organization must allow for open election of officers and open forums for parents and participants to voice their concerns. Associations must have a minimum of 4 teams.

Compliance Audits:

MYBA members shall agree to provide MYAS with requested information to prove that the Best Practices listed above are being met and the Team Composition Guidelines are being followed.

Team Composition Guidelines


Community-based teams and school teams are eligible. Please refer to the MYAS website to view the updated Teams Composition Guidelines. Open/All-star and Renegade Teams: MYBA members will NOT allow Open/All-star and Renegade teams to participate in their tournaments. An “open/all-star” team is defined as any team that is comprised of players from multiple communities where recognized youth associations exist. A “renegade” team is defined as any team that is comprised of players who all reside in the same community or attend the same school, but who have chosen to bypass the local traveling association.

Annual Fee

$30 per team for associations that utilize the Trusted Coaches platform to foster compliance for their coaches related to state and federal certifications as well as insurance requirements. $35 per team for associations that do not use Trusted Coaches for coaches’ background checks and certifications The annual membership fee must be submitted no later than October 16, 2020. The fee is not due at this time.


The youth basketball association that I, person completing this registration, am representing will not hold the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services and their partners liable for decisions and actions made by the association that I am representing. I allow the MYAS to utilize pictures and videos from MYAS and MYBA events for promotional purposes.

Note: A payment of ${{vm.form.division.fee}} is due to become a member and gain access to the MYBA Portal. The ${{vm.form.division.fee}} fee is based of off the requirement for associations to have a minimum of 4 teams and the per team fee of ${{vm.form.division.fee/4}}. The remaining per team balance (minus the ${{vm.form.division.fee}}) will be due in October. Note: This initial fee also provides MYBA members access to the MYAS Tournament Index and exclusive rights to list and promote your Association tournament(s).

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